Mar 10

Minifashionista ‘Animal Hands’ – Temporary Tattoos for Talking Hands

Ok, so these might not be quite as cool as the real deal, but they’re the next best thing, especially for kids.

Designed by Hector Serrano, Animal Hands and Monster Hands are temporary tattoos for your hands. Perfect for your next big night out on the town or those puppet shows your kids love to entertain you with.

$13 + shipping from Aus. @ minifashionista.com.au

Mar 10

Wilson – Grumpster by Frank Kozik

Butterflies. Puppies. Freshly baked bread. Children of all ages. There isn’t much that Wilson doesn’t dislike. Wilson is the latest in a series of ornery plush characters called the Grumpsters, created by Frank Kozik.

This grouch measures 8-inches when sitting, is articulated at the head and arms, has embroidered features and truly does not like you.

$35 @ Magic-pony.com

Mar 10

25 top iphone apps for toddlers

our friends at Babble.com compiled this great list of iphone apps for kids. Don’t forget to view the top apps for parents.