Jul 11

Bean Bag Chairs

We all long for the days when (without the benefit of big kid toys like cars) plopping on and throwing around a bean bag chair was as good as it got. As adults it may be hard to justify having a foam-filled blue blob in your living room, but the new line of cute bean bag chairs from Woouf in witty shapes like giant cameras and hamburgers will satisfy nostalgia without alienating your “downtown” friends.

From 90.00 € and up @ woouf.com

Jul 11

tattly – designy temporary tattoo

New York’s top graphic artists to designing tattoos for our kids?

That’s the idea behind Tattly, an online shop selling “designy” temporary tattoos. We love You’re Late by Julia Rothman, Tattone by Josh Smith, and Scribble by James Victore. In fact, they are so cool, we don’t even think we are going to share them with our kids.

$5 for set of 2, shipping to Canada is $2, www.tatt.ly

Jul 11

Lego Foosball

Lego Foosball from stretta on Vimeo.