Mar 14

stamp yo face!

Turn your face or a loved one’s into a marvelous custom stamp creation. Each stamp design is hand-drawn, digitized, and professionally produced to last.

$65 @ Stampyoface.com

Jul 11

tattly – designy temporary tattoo

New York’s top graphic artists to designing tattoos for our kids?

That’s the idea behind Tattly, an online shop selling “designy” temporary tattoos. We love You’re Late by Julia Rothman, Tattone by Josh Smith, and Scribble by James Victore. In fact, they are so cool, we don’t even think we are going to share them with our kids.

$5 for set of 2, shipping to Canada is $2, www.tatt.ly

Feb 11


The official follow-up to Mike Davis’ Alphabet print – it’s a colorful collection of angular animal illustrations. Grab one for yourself and one for your niece / nephew / son / daughter / grandchild / elementary school classroom.

6 color print on French Cement Green paper
18 x 24″
$25 includes shipping @ burlesquedesign.com

Feb 11

Alphabet Print by Mike 2600

Perfect for fans of simple appealling design(that includes kids, nephews, girlfriends, you!) This one comes from Lab affiliate Mike 2600 and Burlesque, with a six color hand screened print on French paper. 24″ x 36″.

$30 @ TurntableLab.com

Mar 10

Minifashionista ‘Animal Hands’ – Temporary Tattoos for Talking Hands

Ok, so these might not be quite as cool as the real deal, but they’re the next best thing, especially for kids.

Designed by Hector Serrano, Animal Hands and Monster Hands are temporary tattoos for your hands. Perfect for your next big night out on the town or those puppet shows your kids love to entertain you with.

$13 + shipping from Aus. @ minifashionista.com.au

Nov 09

blik wall decals

Looking for some new art to hang or wanting to decorate your kids room?  Why not try a removable wall graphics with neat designs from our friends at BLIK. They provide custom designs you or choose from a wide variety of graphics from their collection.


A few of our favs include designs by Upper Playground, Zeptonn and Charles and Ray Eames.

From $40 at BLIK.