Jul 13

Lil Ripper


SE styling abounds on this year’s white LiL’ Ripper. It features a floval tubing alloy frame, looptail rear end, Landing Gear forks, and 3-pc cranks – perfect for the little groms. Great parts, great geometry and one of the rare instances where a kid can actually get to grips and maneuver at a young age.

$399 @ Ride On Bikeshop

Apr 10

Gyrowheel – Gyroscopic Training Wheel


Gyrowheel is a revolutionary front wheel for children’s bikes that eliminates the need for training wheels. It senses unbalanced biking and re-centers the bike underneath the rider’s weight at the point when tipping starts to occur. Powered-on it provides high stability at low speed and makes learning to ride safer, easier, faster and a whole lot more fun! It replaces the front wheel of a standard kid’s bike. Kids and parents rate Gyrowheel as “cool.”

Great news Canada…you can now buy 12 inch kids’ Gyrowheels through ThinkGeek.com!

$89.99 – $139.99 @ thinkgeek.com

Nov 09

James Perse Tricycle

The James Perse Tricycle is a 1970’s inspired design. Custom made with an extra low center of gravity design so it won’t tip over. Sturdy construction made with heavy duty steel and powder coated for superior chip resistance. Attached deck is made of teak wood. This tricycle is made in orange, white, green and matte black.


Now available at James Perse’s online store.
Currently SOLD OUT – For future orders contact limitededition@jamesperse.com.

Nov 09

Shred Bed – by Chad Knight

You have probably seen this before and we at dadalist have been anxiously awaiting this bed since last year. Seeing that the website shredbed.com has not been updated for a year and no release date slated, we may need to build one for ourselves. If anyone knows more about the release date or price, let us know since were not the ones skilled at woodwork just yet.